ContentCreatorZ Team

ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan has a highly qualified, hard working and very efficient management.

The CEO and the co-owner of this firm, Maira Sarfraz, supervises the work in all departments. With a Masters Degree in Social Sciences and an MBA in Marketing, she has the experience and ability to supervise various kinds of tasks undertaken by ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan. Hard working and lively, creative and intelligent, Maira has struggled hard to make ContentCreatorZ, Pakistan one of the leading content creating, writing and research firms in Pakistan.

Next in line comes Manager Quality Assurance and PR, Shamsa Syed. With a Masters Degree in International Relations, The CEO-Manager Duo is all set to face every kind of problems work offers. A lively person, who manages to get things going when the team has to face hurdles or is going through tough times.

As Assistant Manager Production department Mahwish Bhatti needs nerves of iron to keep up with the demands of her job. With her MBA and her iron strong nerves, she is a 911 life savior! Loud and confident, yet soft hearted and supportive, she is a team player.

Nazema is managing the Marketing and PR department. Her MBA with specialization in Marketing helps her keep the situation under control even when the team is under a lot of pressure. With her hard working and loving nature, she has the ability to keep everyone on the team going when times are tough!

The most important part of our work force and team however are the hundreds and thousands of writers, researchers and data entry staff whose dedication makes us what we are today. Management is always indebted to them and their hard work.


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