This means an information shared through your weblog entry can and will be read by all types of individuals on Earth, eventually. There are roughly 10 billion people on this planet, and only real writing can move so many people at once.

Regardless of your choice of topics, your audience deserve to know the truth. Certain blogs that report on news of celebrities may not adapt this rule so strictly, but that should not be applied to you.

Blog writing is a field of information and technology that lies in the domain of sharing, meaning as long as it shares some pieces of information, it should already be fine. Facts are much more valuable than tabloid reports that may or may not be mere speculations. So in short, only successful bloggers can do this.

First of all, it is not accurate to measure a blogger’s success through the number of his or her audience. Rather, it is imperative to measure through impact. How and what the audiences react with are way more important than sheer number.

The world has many incidents which are yet to be known. For instance, the news of Malaysia’s missing planes only became viral in United States after three days. A good piece of blog writing would have done something earlier so other people can panic on time. Honesty is of course, a must in blog writing.

While there are sites that freely provide false information, these sites should not be an example to you. Cold hard facts have a strong basis; truth. If your story is legit and the truth, then you should have nothing to worry about.

Remember; anyone can gather an audience with fictional facts, but it takes a real writer to change people’s mind with what they already know. Blog writing is one of the ways to make this a reality.

There are many occurrences in the world that are yet to be known to the public. There are people who look solely for news when surfing the web, so these people are excluded, but what of the general society? Do they not have the right to know about other people who may be suffering from tyrannical oppression or natural disasters?

Beyond those rights, it is human’s instinct to share the suffering of others, even for mere seconds. In that short time, the heart and soul of the whole world is united in a strong bond. That is one of the monumental impacts that can be made possible through blog writing.

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