What a great idea to enjoy oneself in the exciting festivals of March, the month of spring!

Let us share some interesting cultural festivals that are commemorated in this month. Here you go!

Mexican Cultural Festivals

The Mexicans take pride in their very own Night of the Witches festival right in March. It is a home to Mexican witchcraft industry. Also, Mexicans are more than happy to have their Spring Equinox, which is the time in which sun crosses the celestial equator, in this month. They enjoy the illusion that is created here on the 21st of March through sun reflections.

Irish and American Cultural Events

The Irish do not hesitate to enjoy their celebrations on St. Patrick Festival. It is a cultural celebration, the traditional death day of Saint Patrick, celebrated on 17th of March. They have their celebrations in Dublin with green beer and garlic dishes.

The Americans, however, like to indulge in their great street party in their event known as Eight Street. It is probably one of the greatest street festivals with crowds going crazy on a single occasion. Many blocks shut down due to this annual festival. There is food, music and dancing.

German and Spanish Cultural Festivals

The Germans can never forget the excitement in a beer festival as grand as Octoberfest. However, Starkbierzeit is here to make them relive their beer celebrations. It is rejoiced right in mid of March in Germany. It is, however, less big than the former event but is worth attending.

If you want more fun, go for Spanish Las Fallas event. It is a traditional celebration held in Valencia. It is a grand puppet show with interplay of fireworks at its best. You cannot find an interesting puppet show like this anywhere except on this day.

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