The culture of South America is rich with exciting rituals and interesting festivals. At times, you get to see people celebrating their traditional dance with music. You may also see the people fighting evil spirits at a huge festival.

Thus, there are various sorts of events that South Americans rejoice as an evidence of their lively hearts and spirits.

Let us discuss the some of the most frequently visited South American festivals here.

The most famous cultural festival of South America is Carvanal. This unique event is celebrated in four countries in South America. It is considered the hottest event ever commemorated in the continent of South America. You would see people dancing in beautiful costumes everywhere. So take out your favorite dress and visit the Carnaval festival this year.

International Balloon Fiesta is commemorated in New Mexico. This festival is marked by 750 balloons that are flown into the air. The balloons included in the balloon fiesta are colorful and unique in design. Some of the balloons are meant for illumination purposes and look beautiful at night spreading light everywhere.

For your excitement, Mexico has got an interesting festival for you too. This festival is known as Feria San Marcos and is a treat for music lovers. It is a great event for Mexicans to showcase their traditional dances and cultural displays through a magnificent festival. It is held every year for three weeks.

If you are looking for more exciting festivals in South America, look for Reveillon and Manca Feista. Both of these festivals are extremely entertaining events full of music and dance.

In the House of Negrillos is another amazing cultural festival. It has so much to make your day while you smile and laugh at the interesting events there. So, get ready to become part of one of these amazing South American events now.

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