Creative writing is a unique form of writing consisting of writer’s personal thoughts. Here the writer is free to adopt any writing style that suits him. In order to come up with an astounding masterpiece, you have to keep some things in your mind.

Do’s of Creative Writing

Get Inspired
Take inspirations from things occurring around you. It can be anything and you can even get inspired from a kid, an animal or a plant. Reflect on everything and grasp the meaning of things happening around you.

Follow a Theme
There is always a theme to be followed in a creative writing piece. Choose a theme and stick to it. The choice of theme can be up to you.

Build Up On Your Personal Thought
You can use your own emotions and thoughts to write an impressive story. So instead of just putting another person’s thought in your work, use your own mind. However, you can still use some interesting thought of someone in the form of a character. If you are doing so, remember to acknowledge that person in your book too.

Don’ts of Creative Writing

Don’t Take It Too Easy
While it is okay to work when you are relaxed, you should not take it easy. If you have to write a book of say, hundred pages, you have to write according to a schedule. So do not halt in the midway and keep working.

Don’t Think You Can’t Do It
Giving up is a killer for creative writing. So don’t let it stop you from going ahead. Even if somebody tells you otherwise, you have to believe in you.

Don’t Pressurize Yourself
Remember there is no need to stick to various rules in order to create a story or fiction. You are free to write in any form you like provided it is flawless and free from grammar errors. Enjoy the ease and freedom endowed to you by creative writing.

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