Do’s of fiction writing

⦁ Keep yourself organized about writing and stay focused on it.
⦁ Try asking others for ideas if you fall short of them.
⦁ Concentrate on the descriptions of the characters you include in the fiction.
⦁ Be very careful about the plot, setting and scene of the story.
⦁ Brainstorm yourself and collect as much possible ideas about the story.
⦁ Do not neglect the time frame and try to finish the fiction writing project on time.
⦁ Select the theme carefully and pay attention to what you want to communicate to the readers.
⦁ Review and edit the initial drafts of your work and self-edit many times.
⦁ Keep trying again and again to get the right words and phrases to include in your work.
⦁ Try to get out of the writer’s block.

Don’ts of fiction writing

⦁ Do not start writing when you are short of ideas and cannot think of something to write.
⦁ Don’t take too much time in describing the characters.
⦁ Refrain from redundancy and repetition of same ideas too much.
⦁ Don’t make the text boring and monotonous for the readers that they skip through the pages without going through them.
⦁ Do not leave too much vagueness in the book to make it difficult for the reader to understand the message.
⦁ Do not forget to review and go through the initial draft of your work.
⦁ Never forget that nothing is perfect so strive for efficiency.
⦁ Do not give up hope if you do not find good ideas to start the project.

Follow these points related to fiction writing and kick start your fiction writing.

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