E-Book is a term used for electronic book writing sharply contrasted with traditional book writing. The major difference between the traditional and eBook writing is that eBook is published online

The traditional books are printed on paper while eBook saves the trouble and cost of publication on paper. Moreover, eBook is especially targeted to internet audiences with certain purposes.

Purpose of eBooks

The majority of eBooks are written for marketing purposes. They are meant to sell a certain product by explaining its specific features. Most of the eBooks intend to cure a specific illness or a problem. The common issues of everyday lives are discussed to help people overcome them. Also, there are eBooks which fulfill entertainments purposes.

On the whole, the eBooks have a big market on the internet. A trend is developing in people to prefer reading books on internet instead of traditional paper books.

In the twenty-first century, with so many technical marvels quite literally at our fingertips, some have declared the era of the printed word passé. And while it has become more and more popular to enjoy a short work of fiction from the screen of your home computer, laptop or one of those hand-held marvels meant to store just such data, it is doubtful that the eBook will ever replace the printed novel.

E-Books, however, have their place in today’s writer’s market. Differing from the weighty tomes of their more conventional cousins, these works of fiction and non-fiction are basically the same as real books. While eBooks tend to be shorter, the requirements for good eBook writing do not differ tremendously from those required to write a good book.

Fictional works, as well as non-fiction eBooks, must follow a plan (outline) and a timeline (if the plot takes place over a period of time) and be well written, thought out and worded.

Good grammar, spelling and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a good eBook. Since the invention of this new type of novella, writers who might otherwise shun the difficult work of writing a book for traditional publication have discovered that getting an e-book published online is much easier.

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