Many tennis players earn millions from their games and other sources. The ten top maximum money-making tennis players of the year collected approximately 212 million USD in 2012-2013, with about 75% resulting from endorsements, appearances as well as presentation price.

Both male and female tennis stars are among the maximum money-making tennis players including Serena Williams who ranks at no.6, Caroline Wozniack at no.7, and Andy Roddick with no.10.

Let’s find some of the maximum money-making tennis players here.

1. Roger Federer ($54.3 million)

Swiss professional tennis player Federer ranks at no.1 in the list of maximum money-making tennis players of 2012-2013 with a total earning of $54.3 million. His earning on-court reaches $9.3 million while off the court he receives $45 million.

This 32-year-old hunk gets back his top position on the court with his Wimbledon win in July. By the mean of this victory, he records the 17th grand slam title. Credit Suisse, Gillette, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, and Rolex are his top endorsement.

2. Rafael Nadal ($32.4 million)

Nadal is at no. 2 with an income of $32.4 million. He makes $7.4 million on the court while earns $25 million per annum off the court from huge appearance fees and huge endorsement. This 26-year-old Spanish tennis player has won $50 million in professional prize money that is second most after Federer. Some of his biggest endorsement deals include Nike, Bacardi, Kia Motors, and Babolat.

3. Maria Sharapova ($27.1 million)

Maria Sharapova is on the top of the female maximum money-making tennis players with a $27.1 million income. This Russian professional tennis player is ranked at no.3 in the overall list. She makes $5.1 million as on-court money while she gets $22 million from out-court sources. 

Her Nike deal is the leading dealer in women’s sports with 70 million USD. Sharapova’s ballet flat is the most excellent promotion womanly shoe for Nike subsidiary and Cole Haan.

4.   Novak Djokovic ($19.8 million)

Serbian professional tennis player Djokovic is ranked at no. 4 with $19.8 million throughout the past year. His on-court income covers $10.3 million whereas $9.5 million is his out court earnings. He received his earnings from his shoe and apparel contracts. This 26-year-old player gets a handsome amount from the deal with clothing brand Sergio Tacchini. He recently has had a deal with Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.

5.      Li Na ($18.4 million)

Li Na is at no.5 in the list of maximum money-making tennis players of 2012-2013. She gets $1.4 million as her on-court income while $17 million she gets out of the court sources. She was the first Asian-born tennis player who won the first singles grand slam. Her 2011 French Open title gave this Chinese professional tennis player seven multimillion-dollar endorsement deals as a reward for her super success.

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