There is no harm in having a hobby that does not work you over, like blog writing. While some people have sports like swimming and basketball as their hobby, some others opted for a more docile and passive activities as their hobbies.

In this age of information and technology, sharing has never been easier. People can share photos and videos with a touch of a button. In terms of sharing information, one past time activity that is still a favorite among fans is blog writing, in which a blogger would write up various entries with different frequencies to feed their readers any chosen topic.

Bloggers come in many shapes and sizes. While some have no problem sharing their identity, some might prefer secrecy and post entries as anonymous people. Either way, if the content is interesting people would read on and subscribe regardless.

The purpose of blog writing, unlike Facebook or Twitter statuses, is not to rant and let your woes be heard (though many people do this) but rather it is to share and promote ideas and ways of thinking. Various blogs exist today to cater to the different people with different interests and tastes, so it is never too late to start writing out your way of thinking.

A blog is wider and more extended than Facebook updates, and more concise and detailed than a regular website. This is because you can write more than you would in a social network’s status update while being specific and precise in explaining and sharing your thoughts. A blog allows you to inform your followers of anything that you wish.

You can upload pictures, videos and even music for your subscribers. Weblog composition can consist of all kinds of materials that can educate your readers on the topic of your choice. How persuasive you are depends on your writing skills, for blogs are much more personal and opinionated.

By taking part in weblog composition, you open yourself to the judgment of the public. This means your entries and ideas that are published publicly in the online world can be read and commented on, so you should always be ready to be criticized, though there is no real harm in that.

Keyboard warriors from all over the world are just waiting for something to offer feed-backs to, and since blog writing features posts by anonymous, all the shy and more reserved people can go all out and express themselves on your blogs.

Having said that, critics are nothing to be afraid of. The cyber world is made up of a large part of them, which explains why the internet has a cynical tone to it. It is important that you stick to your program and be honest.

All successful bloggers write from the heart, which then attracts readers and even business owners to put up their ads on said blogs. Remember that your blog is yours, and no one else has a say in how you proceed with blog writing.

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