Talented Drama Writer from Pakistan – Haseena Moin
Haseena Moin, Talented Drama Writer, “Studio Number Nau”, “Uncle Urfi”, “Zeir Zabr Peish”, “Tanhaiyaan”, “Unkahi”, “Parchaieyen”, “Henna”, “Kahin Pyaar na hojae”, “Nazdekiyan”

Perhaps the best dramatist and playwright in Pakistani history, Haseena Moin born on 20th November, 1941, has written plays, drama serials and films. She has done it all. Her work has gained international recognition in the field of writing. Haseena Moin with her family migrated from highly populated city of Kanpur (India) to Rawalpindi, Pakistan, moving further on to Lahore and finally Karachi where she eventually settled. Haseena Moin graduated from the Government College for Women in 1960 and later on got her masters from The University of Karachi in History.

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Popular Pakistani Writer: Anwar Maqsood
Anwar Maqsood, Pakistan’s best compare, writer, satirist, playwright and TV host, ‘Studio Dhai’, ‘Studio Ponayteen’ and ‘Sho Sha’, ‘Loose Talk’, ‘Fifty Fifty’, ‘Hum Pai Jo Guzarti Hai’, ‘Majoo Mian’ and ‘Half Plate’

Anwar Maqsood Hameedi was born on 7th September, 1935 in British India is mainly known for his scriptwriting. In Pakistani media, the name Anwar Maqsood is synonymous with entertainment. Displaying a gentle yet serious and wise face, his immense intelligence is perhaps portrayed in his witty remarks and answers. As one of Pakistan’s best loved compare writer, satirist, playwright and TV host; he depicts numerous other talents which make him a multi talented personality like no other.

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