Popular poet of Pakistan: Mashkoor Hussain Yaad
Mashkoor Hussain, eminent poet, writer and educational expert, “Azadi Ke Chiragh” , “Lahaula Walaquwata”, “Nighedasht”, “Bardasht”, “Ghalib Botiqa”, “Goongi Nazmein”, “Mutala-e-Dabeer” and “Meer Anees Ki Shairana Baseerat”

Mashkoor Hussain Yaad born on 10 September, 1925 was an eminent poet, writer and educational expert. He was not only recognized nationally, but he has also been admired on the international front on a global level. Professor Mashkoor Hussain Yaad has been awarded with the Mujahid Tehreek-e-Pakistan for his writings.

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Popular poet of Pakistan: Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed Faraz, Urdu poet, popular for his romantic poetry,

Ahmed Faraz is another shining star in the galaxy of famous Urdu poets of Pakistan. He was born as Syed Ahmed Shah Ali on 12th January, 1931 in Kohat a city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa province of Pakistan. Faraz did his masters in Urdu and Persian language from Peshawar University and was appointed a lecturer in the same place.

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