A Good piece of Academic Writing

by on November 11, 2009
in Being a writer, Writing tacts

Academic writing entails proper academic research on topics with the aim of adding factual substance to the body of knowledge. The writing should have an academically accepted structure that comprises of an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction gives a glimpse of what is to be discussed in the topic while the body elaborates the topic under discussion with factual information, personal perceptions and the general views of others about the same. Conclusion refers to a summary of the preceding ideas coupled with relevant recommendations on the best way forward.

The writing has to be argumentative, that is it should view all sides of the coin. For example, discussion of pros and cons together with a possible critique. A good chronological flow of ideas is core in achieving a good paper status. Proper spelling, grammar, tense, formatting and editing are also mandatory requirements that the writing must exhibit. Finally, it should be void of plagiarism which is a vice and a criminal offense and proper referencing.