Bachaana is an upcoming Pakistani film, all set to release worldwide on February 26, 2016. We at SilverScreen Pakistan and FilmsPlusMovies are really excited at the developments we see in Pakistani film industry with every new film in recent times.

However, it is only fair to say that Nasir Khan has raised the bar for others in the industry, and that too, at an impressive scale.

What is so special about Bachaana? Well, there are so many factors that make Bachaana special. Pakistani movie Bachaana produced by Rizwan Saeed has a refreshing feel. The locales are natural and beautiful. Exceptional camera work, stunning cinematography and excellent art work makes the whole affair pleasant to look at.

Color grading of the film is really good, which has helped enhance the good feel of the movie. A major improvement in the technical dimension is much improved sound design in comparison to previous, recent Pakistani films. It is heartwarming to see that Pakistani film industry is improving with every new film.

The new film makers in Pakistan are not only paying attention towards stories and acting, they are also aware of the fact that our films need to improve technically too. All this is special about Bachaana. There is a lot more which is special about the film though.

Bachaana is Nasir Khan‘s debut film as a director. It is Sanam Saeed‘s first silver screen appearance. It is Adeel Hashmi’s first big screen appearance. It is only Mohib Mirza who has worked in 5 movies by now.

Although the acting by the lead couple and Adeel Hashmi is top notch, what makes Bachaana different from the rest, and for the better, is that Nasir Khan has finally helped Pakistani cinema by delivering a complete film. In recent times, we have seen some reasonable attempts at cinema by big names from the TV industry.

However, those films were hardly any different from what we see on TV in the form of drama serials. This is for the first time in the recent cinematic wave in Pakistan that a director’s taking is completely that of a film. Excellent framing by Nasir Khan. Thumbs up director sahab!

So, here is the review of Pakistani film Bachaana:

Direction: Very good (Excellent framing, good selection of locales)

Production Value: Very good

Script: Very good (Excellent punch lines! It is not a HaHa! Comedy, but a very interesting, fast paced romantic thriller comedy which keeps you glued to your seat)

Story: Good (It is simple, it is entertaining and it is executed really well)

Cinematography: Excellent (We finally see a Pakistani film which is not confined to a room or a house as a set. It shows real Mauritius).

Sound Design: Very good

Editing: Excellent (Crisp! Crisp! Crisp! Not for a moment you feel that the film is dragged)

Background score: Very good (Ali Sher has returned to the lime light with this background score. Excellent work!)

Music: Good (There are only 3 songs in the film!)

Casting: Very good (Adeel Hashmi is the best choice of all. Adeel Hashmi plays an interesting character. The look in his eyes and his cold stare is defining. Sanam is really good choice for Aaliya. Mohib too has done justice to his character)

Rating: 8.5/10

Bachaana is a simple, family entertainment which everyone can enjoy. It is definitely a must watch for all!

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