There are three prime info pieces relating to football that a fan should know; and that would include the history of football, the sudden widespread popularity of the game, and its extensive media coverage.

• In terms of history, most people do not know or care to know how the game came about, or even how it was played in the beginning days by the very first inventors – the Japanese and Chinese, as well as the Mayans and Romans to name a few.

• In terms of sudden widespread popularity, it’s an undeniable truth that football got its sudden exposure only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries out of the blue, unlike many other legendary sports.

• As for the extensive media coverage, this is indisputably overlooked by the fans that are sometimes blinded by the popularity abs initio. The extreme craze is often taken for granted by the media, although a game as interesting as soccer does deserve the limelight nonetheless.

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