Four steps to more believable fiction

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how to write fiction

While we are suspending reality when we write fiction, we still want our readers to be able to travel into the fantasy with us. For fiction to work, it has to be credible. So, how do you make the incredible, credible? You follow some basic steps.

First, you want to draw some boundaries for your reader. Offer them familiar concepts and ideas from the reality in which we all live. The further from that reality you intend to stray with your tale (science fiction, fantasy, etc.), the more you need to ground your work in such a way that both you and the reader at least begin in the same place. Think of yourself as a guide into the story and the readers as your travelers. You need to begin the trail at the same place so they can follow your lead.

As you lead them down the trail, keep in mind that new and unfamiliar concepts should be introduced in a manner that makes them seem either extremely ordinary for this fictional place and time, or they can be made to be as extraordinary in that world as this one. The way you introduce a new concept will affect how the reader perceives it throughout the work,

Since the worlds we invent and share in writing fiction are uncharted territory, it’s easy to lose our own way. Keeping an outline that can be updated and that includes a character map and a timeline are invaluable tools to keep the writer on track. The better you follow your own guidelines, the better guide you will be to your readers.

Finally, don’t be afraid to bend reality. That is what fiction does. It allows us to invent realities of our own. From the most out-there kind of sci-fi to the modern love story set in a real world place, we still get chances to create a window into a new reality that the reader can look through, and for a time they become part of it.

Good fiction needs to be grounded and built with realistic boundaries that give the reader a context from which to view the work. The writer needs to act as a guide, introducing new ideas and concepts in a way they can be understood. A good work of fiction, especially a long work, needs to follow an outline and the writer will need to keep track of a multitude of details to keep it “real” for the reader. Finally, the author of a fictional work can experiment. Pushing the reality envelope is what good fiction writing does, but it also makes sure the reader is able to share the experience by the use of effective communication of new ideas and concepts.

4 Ways to Impressive Copywriting

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impressive copywriting

Copywriting is an interesting activity and can help freelance writers earn handsome money. Out of millions of freelance writing jobs, most are related to copywriting. So there is a huge online market for copywriters.

You cannot perform an excellent copywriting job unless you are aware of the basic copywriting techniques. So have a look at these four ways to create impressive copywriting pieces:

Be Convincing
It is not a story you are writing or a news update under the title of copywriting! You are made in charge of a great responsibility; you are here to convince readers to buy something! So be persuasive in your writing and add convincing arguments in it!

Be Realistic
I am not asking you to write unrealistically just to sell something! You need to put realistic facts and figures in your copywriting. Show your readers that you know what you are writing about. Include realistic thoughts and refrain from making unjust claims about the product in copywriting.

Be Genuine
By genuine, I mean that you need to show others who you are! Through copywriting, let your readers have a glimpse at the real ‘you’! So instead of copying down others opinions make sure you do not neglect your own self!

Gather Information about Your Readers
You must know who your readers are! Each copywriting piece focuses on a specific audience! Know about your audience before writing something for them. Once you are familiar with your readers, you can easily mould your writing as per their needs!

5 Keys to Produce an Outstanding White Paper

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best white paper

Generally the people do not know much about white paper writing. It is not prepared as much as articles, essays and academic papers by general public. This type of paper is slightly different from other writing pieces. It is written in the form of a report which contains important information about a problem. The solution to the problem is also suggested in the paper.

In order to produce a great white paper, you need to keep in mind the following things:

1.      Stay Focused

It is necessary that you keep central point in your mind while writing a white paper. You need to stay away from irrelevant thoughts and focus on the main point only. While writing about a single problem, include information about one problem only.

2.      Use Bullet Points

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the write to arrange the paper into various sections. It is advisable to use bullets to number various sections and paragraphs. You have to think about the issues related to the problem under discussion. Then number them according to the significance of the each point.

3.      Organize the Paper Effectively

Do not just write the paper to increase the length. You have to organize the information to be included in the paper well. Properly format the paper and stick to four or five pages to create an effective white paper.

4.      Be Coherent and Logical

Understand that white paper is not an ordinary paper and as such requires logical approach. You have to make sure you put rational thought and analysis in it.

5.      Hire a Freelancer

If you cannot create a good white paper despite following white paper steps, hire a freelance writer. You might get experienced writers who can solve your problem in few minutes.

Do’s And Don’ts For Excellent White Paper Writing

by on November 5, 2012
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excellent white paper writing

White paper consists of information of specific interest or authority. Some do’s and don’ts for white paper have been given below:

Do’s of White Paper Writing

There are some rules which are to be followed in order to write white paper effectively.

1.      Do Research

Do research before putting anything on a piece of paper. Read authentic journals and take information from reliable sources. Collect facts and figures from trustworthy sites or databases and use them in the report.

2.      Do Make It Easy For The Reader

Try to write in as much simple language as possible. If you need to use any difficult terminology in the paper, explain it. Always try to convey your message to others in an easy language for maximum output.

3.      Do Use Visuals

The people often get bored by reading a white paper full of factual data. Make it catchy for the readers by putting images and graphics in the paper. Use graphs, charts and diagrams also to create a good impact on the readers.

Don’ts of White Paper

Some things need to be avoided for producing a good piece of white paper.

1.      Don’t Belittle Your Audience

Do not just think that there are fools going to read your document! Your paper will direct a specific audience with a certain education and experience. So avoid any absurd data or piece of information which would be fatal for the readers. Do not let anyone create doubts about the factual information contained in the paper.

2.      Don’t Seem Over-Studious

Don’t use difficult phrases or terms in the paper which would cause the readers to open a dictionary. Remember you are not here to show how studious or intellectual you are! You have to refrain from using phraseology flooded with difficult words.

3.      Don’t Advertise Your Paper

Don’t write your paper to give reader an impression that you want to promote a certain product. Do not use flowery language and speak for a specific product exaggerating its features.

4 Ways to Prepare an Excellent White Paper

by on November 5, 2012
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write white paper

The white paper belongs to the category of writing which requires great expertise. The writer can create an attractive piece of white paper by following these four ways:

1.      Make a Catchy Introduction

The introduction is the first thing which a reader sees to grasp what will be covered in the paper. Focus on this section the most and try to make it catchy for the reader. If there is some interesting information in the white paper, highlight it in the introduction. Also, add the most gripping sentences in this part to attract the reader’s attention.

2.      Add Cool Images

The images and pictures have a language of their own. You can use the power of images to create a good piece of writing. For producing a good white paper, add good images in it.

3.      Include Attractive Visuals

In addition to the images, try to include any relevant visuals in the paper which you find anywhere. Use diagrams, graphs and charts to explain certain important points in the paper. Also, make use of tables and any graphics which could highlight few points of the paper.

4.      Read Samples of White Paper

In order to write a great white paper, read lots of white paper samples. You can find many samples on the internet showing you catchy specimens. The more you read, the more you would be adept at white paper writing.

You can get writing help from a freelance writing firm to get a well-written white paper.

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