E-book Writing

eBook is a term used for electronic book writing sharply contrasted with traditional book writing. The major difference between the traditional and eBook writing is that eBook is published online. The traditional books are printed on paper while eBook saves the trouble and cost of publication on paper. Moreover, eBook is especially targeted to internet […]

Dissertation Writing

Oxford dictionary defines dissertation as a long essay. In technical terms, dissertation is a piece of formal writing intended for academic purposes. The term dissertation is often synonymous with thesis. The dissertation writing consists of compiling an original research in the form of a long academic paper. Research must be original The dissertation paper must […]

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a form of writing which makes full use of creativity! Although others form of writing have some creativity too yet creative writing requires it the most. Multiple Forms The creative writing has multiple forms and writing genres. The novel writing, short story writing, fiction writing, play and screenplays are a form of […]


Copywriting is usually used in conjunction with advertising. A copywriter can be loosely defined as a writer who specializes in advertising copy. Copy writing can be a challenging career as a stand-alone job, or freelance copywriting can help supplement a writer’s income. Either way, the work is all about making their client’s products and/or services […]

Book Writing

What is An Easy Way to Start Book Writing? Work Hard You need to give a lot from yourself in order to write a book! It means spending your immense time, attention and effort into book writing. You cannot produce a book capable of getting published by avoiding hard work. Devote as much time as […]

Academic Writing

By definition, academic writing consists of all the documents and writing pieces concerned with academia. The writing pieces coming under the realm of academic writing include dissertations, reports, research papers, academic essays and so on. Formal and Complex Academic writing is a form of writing which is much more complex than other writing types. It […]

Becoming a good resume writer

The only way to get a good job nowadays is to either post your resume online or when you go in for a job interview bring your resume with you. If you look through the classifieds either online or in the newspaper the largest percentage of companies that are hiring request you submit a resume […]

Winning online projects

If you want to successfully bid and win projects online, then you need to consider ways you can accomplish this. Winning online projects is an art one learns with experience.  Convince the seller of the project , that you’re the best candidate for the job, most clients have a set price for their projects, more […]

Difference of Punctuation between UK English and US English

Punctuation becomes a habit, but once in awhile you run into a puzzling incident of use. I am often confused when it comes to using quotation marks. In my own writing of articles and lists, I simply work around the problem by avoiding or rewording the sentence. However, occasionally I edit the written work of […]

Making the Travel Article Memorable

How can we make an article memorable from the point of view of the reader? Any work of creative nature touches a reader through the emotions it generates. When a reader browses through the article, he will get fascinated if he finds some references in it to what he had felt about the place or […]