Basics of Blog Writing and Its Common Benefits

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Blog Writing

One of the best features of blog writing is the personal and authentic feel you get when reading a blog writing. Weblog composition allows for an opinionated entry on any given topic. More than to provide the usual information, a blog is used to provide statements and arguments that may sit on the brink of being biased. By avoiding from sounding conceited, you can attract readers who may be persuaded by your points. Blogs are a great platform for other opinionated people to share their views.

Many bloggers use weblog entries to express their personal take on a certain matter. It allows for a debate to happen among the people who indulge on said topic. This usually occurs in the feedback section of the entries, in which the readers either named or anonymously, state their case and personal takes on the topic. So if a blog discusses certain subjects thoroughly, like the maintenance of mountain bikes for instance, then the people who comment may add to that information or just plainly state that you are wrong. These keyboard warriors’ main purpose is to provide distress, which you, as a blog handler should ignore.

Blog writing is the modern version of a diary. While some people use it to rant and attack a person or an organization publicly, others use it to educate and learn. This can be seen through blog handlers who provide ample points and arguments. Such weblogs are accompanied by writers who focus not on the feedback, but instead the content and how informative it is. This would require passion and constant editing, which would be very worth it if you have avid readers following your every entry.

Weblog composition also lets you generate an income. Successful bloggers make money by including ads in their posts. Famous posts with a huge audience would be a great place to advertise various products and events. In this case, blog writing becomes a platform for people to both make and spend money. While some people prefer their blogs to be personal and an ad-free area, the prospects of having advertisement in your website is surprisingly positive for making profit on air.

Since the general use of blogs is to share, many people have misused it to supply materials that can be treated as immoral. This refers to blog-based porn sites. Most blogging sites have a loose set of rules when it comes to the contents shared. Plus, porn sites are known to attract more subscribers than other websites, so if you plan to rent your cyber space for advertisements, you can be sure that those ads would be noticed since there are naked girls next to them. Depending on your purpose, blog writing can have limitless possibilities if you know how to make use of it.

Practice Blog Writing as a Hobby

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There is no harm in having a hobby that does not work you over, like blog writing. While some people have sports like swimming and basketball as their hobby, some others opted for a more docile and passive activities as their hobbies. In this age of information and technology, sharing has never been easier. People can share photos and videos with a touch of a button. In terms of sharing information, one past time activity that is still a favorite among fans is blog writing, in which a blogger would write up various entries with different frequencies to feed their readers any chosen topic.

Bloggers come in many shapes and sizes. While some have no problem sharing their identity, some might prefer secrecy and post entries as anonymous people. Either way, if the content is interesting people would read on and subscribe regardless. The purpose of blog writing, unlike Facebook or Twitter statuses, is not to rant and let your woes be heard (though many people do this) but rather it is to share and promote ideas and ways of thinking. Various blogs exist today to cater to the different people with different interests and tastes, so it is never too late to start writing out your way of thinking.

A blog is wider and more extended than Facebook updates, and more concise and detailed than a regular website. This is because you can write more than you would in a social network’s status update while being specific and precise in explaining and sharing your thoughts. A blog allows you to inform your followers of anything that you wish. You can upload pictures, videos and even music for your subscribers. Weblog composition can consist of all kinds of materials that can educate your readers on the topic of your choice. How persuasive you are depends on your writing skills, for blogs are much more personal and opinionated.

By taking part in weblog composition, you open yourself to the judgment of the public. This means your entries and ideas that are published publicly in the online world can be read and commented on, so you should always be ready to be criticized, though there is no real harm in that. Keyboard warriors from all over the world are just waiting for something to offer feed-backs to, and since blog writing features posts by anonymous, all the shy and more reserved people can go all out and express themselves on your blogs.

Having said that, critics are nothing to be afraid of. The cyber world is made up of a large part of them, which explains why the internet has a cynical tone to it. It is important that you stick to your program and be honest. All successful bloggers write from the heart, which then attracts readers and even business owners to put up their ads on said blogs. Remember that your blog is yours, and no one else has a say in how you proceed with blog writing.

Blog Writing as a Means to Change the World

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Blog Writing as a Means to Change the World

The pen is mightier than the sword; an idiom closely related to blog writing and how it can bring about impacts through careful use of facts, even without an actual pen. Valid and strong arguments can sway even the whole world. This means an information shared through your weblog entry can and will be read by all citizens of Earth, eventually. There are roughly 10 billion people on this planet, and only real writing can move this much people at once.

Regardless of your choice of topics, your audience deserves to know the truth. Certain blogs that report on news of celebrities may not adapt this rule so strictly, but that should not be applied to you. Blog writing is a field of information and technology that lies in the domain of sharing, meaning as long as it shares some pieces of information, it should already be fine. Facts are much more valuable than tabloid reports that may or may not be mere speculations.

So in short, only successful bloggers can do this. First of all, it is not accurate to measure a blogger’s success through the number of his or her audience. Rather, it is imperative to measure through impact. How and what the audiences react with and to a weblog composition are way more important than sheer number. The world has many incidents that many are yet to know. For instance, the news of Malaysia’s missing planes only became viral in United States after three days. A good piece of blog writing would have done something earlier so other people can panic on time.

Honesty is of course, a must in blog writing. While there are sites that freely provide false information, these sites should not be an example to you. Cold hard facts have a strong basis; truth. If your story is legit and the truth, then you should have nothing to worry about. Remember; anyone can gather an audience with fictional facts, but it takes a real writer to change people’s mind with what they already know. Blog writing is one of the ways to make this a reality.

There are many occurrences in the world that is yet to be known to the public. There are people who look solely for news when surfing the web, so these people are excluded, but what of the general society? Do they not have the right to know about other people who may be suffering from tyrannical oppression or natural disasters? Beyond those rights, it is human’s instinct to share the suffering of others, even for mere seconds. In that short time, the heart and soul of the whole world is united in a strong bond. That is one of the monumental impacts that can be made possible through blog writing.

Selecting an SEO Consultant – Top 5 Tips

SEO ConsultantWe all know SEO is the most effective way of getting traffic and leads to the website. If your website is not appearing in top search results, it can be a worrying thing for you as a website owner. Its time to look for an SEO consultant or expert to help you in getting found in top search results on major search engines. Even your good content can only work if it has proper SEO. But selecting right SEO consultant for your website can be daunting task as there are many SEO professionals out there in the market. Here are our top five tips which can help you to select the right SEO consultant or expert.

  1. Check their Reviews /Client’s List

Our top tip is to ask them for the previous client’s reviews/testimonials and may be for couple of references as well to check what opinion their previous clients have about them. A top SEO consultant or expert should not be hesitant to share such information as they have a long list of happy clients.

  1. Ask for their relevant experience

It is a risky business to hire an experienced SEO professional due to the nature of dynamic nature of online marketing in general and SEO in particular. An SEO consultant should have at least 3 years of experience. The more, the better! Also, he should be well aware of current search engines trends and updates.  SEO consultants are very good at conducting keyword research, competitor’s analysis, understanding analytics, checking site structure, content and tags tweaking and adjustment along with increasing presence of the website on the internet strategically.

  1. How would they measure success

An experienced SEO consultant or expert should have clear understanding of how they are going to measure SEO success. Usually best things to measure are increase in sales/leads through organic and user engagement on the website rather than mere rankings for hardly-searched keywords.

  1. How often they communicate

Communication is important to know where the things are heading. A top SEO consultant or expert should be approachable on any day. He should respond to your messages clearly within 24 hours in normal circumstances – other than regular updates and reports.

  1. Will they give durable results

A must-have trait of a top SEO consultant is to foresee the future. So he should be able to give you durable results once he is done with his SEO.

Four steps to more believable fiction

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how to write fiction

While we are suspending reality when we write fiction, we still want our readers to be able to travel into the fantasy with us. For fiction to work, it has to be credible. So, how do you make the incredible, credible? You follow some basic steps.

First, you want to draw some boundaries for your reader. Offer them familiar concepts and ideas from the reality in which we all live. The further from that reality you intend to stray with your tale (science fiction, fantasy, etc.), the more you need to ground your work in such a way that both you and the reader at least begin in the same place. Think of yourself as a guide into the story and the readers as your travelers. You need to begin the trail at the same place so they can follow your lead.

As you lead them down the trail, keep in mind that new and unfamiliar concepts should be introduced in a manner that makes them seem either extremely ordinary for this fictional place and time, or they can be made to be as extraordinary in that world as this one. The way you introduce a new concept will affect how the reader perceives it throughout the work,

Since the worlds we invent and share in writing fiction are uncharted territory, it’s easy to lose our own way. Keeping an outline that can be updated and that includes a character map and a timeline are invaluable tools to keep the writer on track. The better you follow your own guidelines, the better guide you will be to your readers.

Finally, don’t be afraid to bend reality. That is what fiction does. It allows us to invent realities of our own. From the most out-there kind of sci-fi to the modern love story set in a real world place, we still get chances to create a window into a new reality that the reader can look through, and for a time they become part of it.

Good fiction needs to be grounded and built with realistic boundaries that give the reader a context from which to view the work. The writer needs to act as a guide, introducing new ideas and concepts in a way they can be understood. A good work of fiction, especially a long work, needs to follow an outline and the writer will need to keep track of a multitude of details to keep it “real” for the reader. Finally, the author of a fictional work can experiment. Pushing the reality envelope is what good fiction writing does, but it also makes sure the reader is able to share the experience by the use of effective communication of new ideas and concepts.

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