Basketball is an extremely important game in the Americas and Asia; as important as football or soccer is to Europe and South America.

Both are quite different, although collectively both aim for the same objective, a struggle to get the ball into the goal post in soccer and the net in basketball.

Apart from this major difference, there are plenty of others as well, three of them as discussed below.

Basketball is played indoors (in professional games) whereas both American football and soccer are played on turfgrass (indoors and outdoors). For professional playing particularly, basketball involves a wooden floor painted with the lines and dividers, whereas football normally involves the same grass field within a stadium divided by white or black (painted) lines.

Basketball players wear gym shoes or basketball shoes whereas football players, particularly in soccer, wear football shoes, which are primarily distinguished via the spikes underneath.

Basketball jerseys are normally sleeveless, except in outdoor casual games; whereas jerseys for soccer cover the shoulder and carry a symbol of advertisement for sponsoring companies. In American football, there’s a distinct shoulder pad that is needed for basic protection in addition to the helmets worn for head protection. In soccer, only knee pads are essentially compulsory in professional games.

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