England and football, also known as soccer in many parts of the world, have many things in common.

It’s arguably questionable as to what the two could have in common; seeing that one is a country with a millennium-old history and the other one is a game that’s not even two centuries old.

Well, there are indeed plenty of links or ties between England and football; some of which are outlined below;

• Football was revived in England

• The English popularized football and spread its influence worldwide

• Football leagues in England are among the most famous in the world

Indeed, the history of football has always been questionable, but there are plenty of records indicating the revival of football in England in the 19th century, although it was much confined to the high society aristocratic people in their private soccer clubs; conferring it a high-class status in the initial days.

Towards the turn of the new century, the English popularized the game throughout the world, with the rules following along. People around the world easily adapted to this new game due to its openness. Apart from that, some of the most famous football leagues, tournaments, and clubs are also from England, even back in the yesteryears

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