Basketball and football have their equal share of fan bases around the world. The American National Basketball League is so famous it’s even watched by villagers in Indonesia and Malaysia, and likewise, football has its dedicated sports channels in many countries.

By and large, however, fans of both games are quite different. Below are three distinct differences between them:

Football is naturally a game that develops in the minds of children from a young age, and as they grow up, external influences strengthen their senses towards the game, and eventually everyone has a football club to cherish and discuss of; whereas for basketball, normally a fan falls in love after being purely exposed from the outside to learn the sport, either in school or college.

At the same time, in adults, football is largely seen among people who have either played football or are current players of the same. Basketball on the other hand comes to grasp by environmental reasons most of the time, and this is regardless of literacy or background.

This doesn’t necessarily mean football is not watched by people from rural areas. Last but not least, basketball fans are quite open to sensitivity; whereas football fans are quite sensitive to external environments, with even a small spark of wrong words leading to big bloody fights.

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