There are many different types of football in this world, one of them being army football. You might have known the Black Knights in America and others alike. So how do they differ from the English football teams? Well, from the basics, here are three differences;

Army football is simply the version of American football played by members of the army, sometimes popularized for special or cordial events; whereas English football is what we also know as soccer. As for the basics of American football and English football; you would have already easily known by now.

Army football is only played in North America, and mainly the United States to be particular. As for English soccer, this game is played in almost every part of the globe; not only because the English had once ruled almost half of the world, but also because of the openness of this game.

Army football’s highest tournament in the country would probably be the Army-Navy Game that is held annually, apart from the common American football’s Super bowl which is irrelevant to this point. On the other hand, since English football is played in every continent, the highest-level tournament is probably the World Cup, or perhaps the Olympics held every four years.

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