Football is probably the most famous sport out there at this moment, beating every other sport alike in terms of several fans and clubs. It has come through an easy success path surprisingly, thanks to its captivating style and methodology, but not many people are truly aware of football’s history.

The very first milestone in football history would be the invention of the soccer game itself. This is highly disputed in various parts of the world with each continent claiming to be the inventor. History shows that the English had revived this game in the 19th century, long after the Mayans, Aztecs, Romans, or even the Chinese had played the game.

The second milestone in football history would be the revival by the English itself, who also formed the rules and regulations that are still in use to date. The game was also considered to be among the toughest games ever played.

The third milestone in soccer history would be the recognition given by the Olympics Committee, which initially had banned professional national teams to represent the participating countries. This recognition eventually resulted in the ever-growing popularity of soccer in both the Americas and Europe. These are important milestones in football history.

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