Whether you’re getting a football jersey for yourself, or merely adding one more to your jersey collection, it’s always important to pick the right shirt from the right manufacturer. These days, too many imitations dominate the market, making it utterly difficult to get the real deal.

Here are three tips on buying football jerseys.

• Design is a very important aspect when choosing the right jerseys. Similar-looking shirts representing the same team, but from different makers might have different cuttings and designs according to regional needs; hence it’s always important to buy the one closest to your fit, particularly if you’re importing from the original country where the merchandise is made and commercialized.

• The material used for the jersey makes the second determining factor. In the earlier days, commercial cotton was largely used, making it very difficult for vigorous movements. The jerseys were also very thick leading to excessive sweating. Modern shirts on the other hand, not only have better designs but are also made from micro-fiber related materials.

• It’s common for most people to only buy jerseys of their favorite football teams, and in light of that, some people are sometimes blinded by marketing strategies by various makers. Instead, one should always assess the value of the jersey by putting into consideration its lifespan and maintenance difficulties.

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