Football has long since remained the favorite sport of most people around the world, which is proven by the fact that it is the national sport of most countries. FIFA World Cup is an event celebrating the exuberance of the sport every four years.

32 teams qualify for the event based on their three-year performances but only one remains successful, domineering over the rest 31. Formed in 1932, it has become a widely viewed and appreciated event; with football enthusiasts found in front of their respective TV screens, watching every kick and move.

Brazil, being ever the football champion, is the team with the most appearances in the first round of the Cup, as Brazilian Football Team is the one that appeared in all of the tournaments held in the FIFA World Cup ever since 1932.

Germany and Brazil have both been successful above the first round at a track record of sixteen times. Ireland has made the most appearances, qualifying from the first level. Scotland, with a bit of bad luck, never got above the first round, unlike its neighbor England.

Bolivia however took its bad luck to greater heights, qualifying just thrice for the FIFA World Cup and never winning a single match, having shadowed its prospects for future qualifications to the FIFA World Cup.

Football on an international level is competitive and combative. Some teams remained in the football world as champions, others as failures, thus diminishing into the pile of the world. Because football expects consistent progress and success, one-timers have no place here.

That is why consecutive winners and finishers are also ranked. In the first round, Brazil has made the largest number of consecutive appearances (nineteen), while the German Football Team is the one that qualified from the first round the most at fifteen times.

There is also a track record of consecutive bad performances by teams, as Mexico and Scotland have been eliminated from the first round five times in a row. Host teams have rarely performed badly, owing to the cheers and support from their crowd and the national support and comfort, but during the last FIFA World Cup in 2010, South African Football Team found itself never progressing from the first round, even though it was playing on its land; thus deflating the spirits of its nation.

And as far as the performance of defending champions goes, only Italy, Brazil and France have found themselves never getting above the first round, when playing like defending champions.

All these statistics simply enforce the fact that the FIFA World Cup is a no-joke event. It has long since been appreciated for its credibility and those standards are here to remain, with every four passing years, and every new tournament.

FIFA takes things on a fun level too, with fireworks and for a pinch of spice, an official World Cup song by the likes of Shakira and Jason Lee. Thus, holding people on the edge of their seats, in anticipation.

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