Soccer is a game of dribbling and passing the ball, creating goal opportunities, and scoring a goal to win the match. The game that is also known as football is played between two teams and each side can have eleven players playing in a team.

The most important player of this game is none other than Goalie or Goal-keeper who stands at the goal-post to save the ball from going into the goal post and not allowing opponent players to score a goal.

Soccer Goalie is the only player in the entire game who is allowed to touch the ball with his hands. Rest others can play the ball with foot, head, or chest.

Being a soccer goalie is a tough task as it requires lots of skills. Apart from learning the dribbling, passing, and other skills required by other players, the goalie also needs to learn to stop the ball from going into the goal post. He needs to keep his eye on the ball as the ball comes into the goal scoring area.

If a goalie can scare an opponent to play a wrong shot, it is said that the job is well done. It is always important for a goalie to keep his calm and nerve while the ball comes to him. He is the last one on the team who can stop an opponent from scoring.

Soccer is a game of passing and dribbling the ball and scoring a maximum number of goals to win a game. The game is played between two sides, each side having a maximum of eleven players playing on the soccer ground.

A goal-keeper or a goalie is the last player of the team who can stop an opponent from sending a ball into the goal post and scoring a goal.

Let us look at some of the best goal-keepers in the 2005-10 world of soccer.

1. Gianluigi Buffon: This Italian is the best goal-keeper in the world and he was the one who stopped Zizu’s header in the 2006 world cup final to stop France from winning a game and helped Italy to lift the world cup by stopping the balls while the game was in its last stage of a penalty shootout.

2. Peter Czech: A Czech Republican who is currently paying from the football club Chelsea is one of the best goal-keepers who have a record of 855 minutes without conceding a goal. He is known to be Chelsea and Czech Republic’s best goalkeeper.

3. Edwin Van Der SAR: A Dutch captain who is also playing in the football club Manchester United has done his duty to its best by scoring countless numbers of goals.

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