Football is a game of skills and it is played between two teams to score as many goals as possible.

Each football team consists of eleven players and some of them play the role of defenders that stops the ball hit by the opposition player from going into the goal post. It requires sharp defending skills to become a good football defender.

Let us look at the best defenders in the world of soccer from 2005-10.

1. John Terry: An Englishman, who is considered to be one of the best football defenders who have sharp skills with vast experience and he can fool any attacker to defend the ball from going into the goal post. John Terry is said to be the best defender in the world.

2. Vidic: Another strong defender who can stay still between the ball and goal post and can defend the ball with pure skills and better footwork. His dribbling capability is also a considerable one to earn him the rank in best defender’s list.

3. Marquez: A Mexican football player is so strong with his football defending capability as he can defend all balls coming towards the net.

4. Maldini: An Italian that helped Italy to win the world cup title with his defending capability and has blocked many goal-scoring chances created by the opponents.

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