Lailat Al Miraj is one of the primary festivals celebrated among the Muslims in different parts of the world. This festival is also popularly known as Shab-e-Miraj. It is celebrated in the month of Rajab, the seventh of the Islamic calendar.

The folks and the elder people teach their kids and tell the historic story behind this festival and celebrate it. Many of them read Quran on Lailat Al Miraj. The Muslims visit the mosques, meet their relatives and hug them. They invite their relatives on the dinner with their family and also consume their pious dessert, Sewai.

Children and elders wear new clothes and the festival ends over with the lavish treat or a dinner. Many people consider it as a good thing to fast on this day and pay tribute to their Prophet.

So, one gets to see a number of visitors who fast this day in some famous mosques of the world like Haji Ali, Dargah Sharif, etc. from different parts of the world. These people travel from far off places to worship and believe that their wishes would be fulfilled by Allah this way.

This was a day of purification and a new description to the religion of Islam. Hence, it is celebrated with full enthusiasm among the people. Muslim people celebrate this festival in their own ways. They light up the mosques and their homes with light. They offer prayers to Allah for the spiritual journey of their Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).

This festival is celebrated by the Muslim community because of the story behind it. The Prophet Muhammad was one day meditating when suddenly two angels, Angel Gabriel and another angel arrived there on a white mule that could fly as it had wings.

The Prophet sat on the mule from the famous Temple Mount and was taken to the God in the heaven where he met other Prophets too. He was given the Salat which is a ritual prayer and considered to be the message sender of the God to the people.

In the heaven in the presence of other important Prophets, he united in the prayer by the other important member there. He was explained that a Muslim should pray and preach to the Allah five times in a day.

So, this is a custom among the Muslims to preach their Lord five times in a day as they believe this is what their God wanted. This event took place just five days after the rebirth of the Lord of Christians, Jesus Christ.

He travelled from Mecca to the heaven or Jerusalem in one night on Buraq, white mule with wings. This story is inscribed in the holy book of the Muslims, known as Quran. This festival is celebrated to mark the night journey of Muhammad that led to the discovery of Islamic rules.

There are even special kinds of services provided to the Muslims on Lailat Al Miraj. On this day, people go to mosques and pray to the Allah. Hence, this festival is enjoyed by the Muslim community once in a year with full enthusiasm.

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