There are two official languages of Pakistan that are Urdu and English. Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi and Balochi are provisional languages of Pakistan. Urdu is not only Pakistan‘s national language but it is also a lingua franca. Other main regional languages comprise of Saraiki, Brahui and Hindko.

There are also numerous minor languages. Furthermost the languages of Pakistan seems to innate from the Indo-Iranian set of the Indo-European language. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and it is also lingua franca. The other official language of Pakistan is English.

It is seen that only 8% of Pakistani speaks it as their first language and it come as a second language in means of speaking and understanding. Its introduction in means of lingua franca was fortified by the British upon the surrender and seizure of Sindh in 1843 and of Punjab in 1849 with the ensuing prohibition on the usage of Persian language.

The decision which was made to change the language because British Raj wanted to introduce a universal language throughout the south Asia and they also want to curtail the effect of Persian language, which was seen in transitional region i.e. Central Asia, Ottoman Empire and Afghanistan.

Urdu is a comparatively a new language in the modern sense but has endured extensive alterations and expansion plagiarizing deeply on the civilizations of older languages like Arabic, local South Asian and Turkish languages and all of which is present in its jargon. It started as a consistent catalogue of Hindi and also in its verbal form.

It is extensively used, both officially and casually, for private letters as well as civic prose, in the fictional scope and in the prevalent mass media. In all primary and secondary schools, it is considered as important part of curriculum. It is said to be the chief language of utmost importance.

Muhajirs are those Muslim immigrants that escaped from diverse parts of India after liberation of Pakistan in 1947. Approximately 8% of Pakistan’s populace assimilated language. As national language of Pakistan is Urdu and it has been endorsed to stimulate national harmony.

It is inscribed with a reformed form of the Perso-Arabic words, usually found in Nastaliq script, and its elementary Hindustani lexis has been augmented by words from English, Arabic, Persian and Turkic languages.

Urdu is inspired from the Persian literature. In contemporary years, the Urdu enunciated in Pakistan has progressively been affected by numerous of the innate languages that include Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi and Balochi.

Urdu is continually evolving and has assimilated a certain “Pakistani” flavor which differentiates it from that Urdu which was spoken in old times. The first poetry book was written by the Persian poet Amir Khusro.

”Woh Majlis” wrote the first Urdu Book in 1728. In 1741, Sirajuddin Ali Khan used first time the word called Urdu. Aurangzeb Alamgir (1658–1707) the Mughal emperor spoke Urdu in a fluent way.

Although Urdu is our national language but people now days does not give its importance. They prefer to talk in English instead of talking in Urdu. They think that they will look more civilized and modern if they talk in English. But we must speak in Urdu because it’s our National language and it makes us discrete from all other individuals.

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