Germany is the home of many age old Christmas traditions. Germany is also famous for its Christmas markets which are set up in every town, village and city from the mid of November since the 15th century. These markets uphold the traditional Christmas spirit.

The Nativity Scene is reconstructed. The streets are lit and decorated accordingly and choir singing can be heard. The festive atmosphere literally sweeps you off your feet.

There are stalls selling artistically made handicrafts like nut crackers, wooden stars, glass balls and other novelties and Christmas ornaments. Besides Christmas related objects, mouthwatering delicacies like grilled sausages, baked apples, chestnuts and ginger bread biscuits are sold.

To beat the winter frost mulled wine is also sold. Bernkastle-Kues is one place famous for the Christmas markets. The town is better known for its unique architecture.

The true medieval market is set up in the town of Esslingen. Here you will find history re-enacted with musicians, entertainers, fire jugglers, peddlers and dancers for your entertainment besides some 180 stalls selling Christmas souvenirs.

Hamelin is another place known for its Christmas markets set up in the middle of the town. Main attractions of the town are the 11 meters high Christmas Pyramid. The famous Hochzeitshaus (Wedding Hall) is cloaked as a huge brightly lit advent calendar.

The glassblowing works of Hamelin however hold the major attention as people of all ages children included make their Christmas baubles under the supervision of the glassblowers. The Christmas cruise on the Weser River is another show stealer.

The Christmas markets of Heidelberg spread over seven squares are just like a scene from the fairytales. To really get into the true mood of Christmas, you can take the guided tour of the town.

Alternately you can have fun at the ice skating rink. You can see Christmas concerts in the town of Lubeck with its five brick built churches. 4 markets are set up in this town to celebrate Christmas.

There are many places in Germany worth visiting for their Christmas Markets. Although Christmas Markets are now being set up in other countries as well but the magic and charm of the German Christmas Markets is unparalleled.

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