CONCACAF (Confederation of North, Central American, and Caribbean Association Football) is the governing body of football, which regulates all national football associations, and organizes all the major continental football tournaments of North and Central America, also including the Caribbean area.

It was founded in September of 1961; Alfred Hawit is currently the acting president of CONCACAF, following the suspension of long-time president Jack Warner, for his part in the on-going FIFA vote-selling scandal. It is one of the six continental football bodies which function under the international football body, FIFA.

The two major tournaments organized by CONCACAF is the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which serves as the continental championship in which national football teams that are regulated by CONCACAF compete.

In addition to this tournament, the CONCACAF Champions League – which is the premier continental football club competition of the area – is also organized by this governing body.

It is further responsible for all World Cup qualifying tournaments in this region – three national football teams from this continental region attained spots at the most recent world cup finals, held in South Africa in 2010.

Further responsibilities of the continental body are to organize Olympic qualifying for the teams located in the region, many age group-specific tournaments, and several qualifying and tournaments aimed at women’s football.

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