In the month of January, we have several important cultural festivals that are commemorated by people across the world. Some are events that revolve around dance festivals while some focus on sports or racing events. So, there is as much variety of festivals as much the races of people.

Let us now briefly discuss the most important festivals here.

Multipurpose Cultural Events

Junkanoo is a festival commemorated in Bahamas which is meant to celebrate the advent of New Year. It is a street parade with music, dance and costumes. It is mainstreamed in Bahamas with music. In the start of January, the South Africans commemorate the Kaapse Klopse festival. It is intended to make people of different genres come together performing dressed in various clads.

It takes place in Cape Town. Around 13,000 people take to streets with umbrellas or musical instruments. However, the Columbians are more than happy to celebrate their Carnival. This festival allows the slaves to enjoy themselves with the permission of their masters.

Desert Festivals

In Mali, the people of the desert reach at a place to commemorate a musical event. It is a great event to forget one’s sorrows and cherish each other’s joys. Another festival in desert is commemorated in India which is named Bikaner Camel Festival. It is really a unique and interesting event with camel races and events that circle around camels.

So, the camels are the center of attention here. Here and there, you see camels getting decorated and having a hair-cut or even participating in a beauty contest. The event is organized every year in Rajasthan by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture.

There are some other events that are organized right in January like Drum Festival of Spain, Voodoo Festival; Benin and Black Nazarene Procession; Philippines.

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