October has lots of amazing festivals on its way. Let us shed light on some of the most colorful and famous festivals that are going to happen in October this year.

Fantasy Fest and Balloon Fiesta

Fantasy Fest is celebrated annually in October in Florida. In this festival, the people take part in a colorful parade. The parties are organized in the area of Key West. In 2020, for the first time in 41 years, the festival was cancelled due to Covid-19.

At the time people are busy in the celebrations of Fantasy Fest in Florida, International Balloon Fiesta is commemorated in New Mexico. This festival is marked by 750 balloons that are flown into the air. The balloons included in the balloon fiesta are colorful and unique in design. Some of the balloons are meant for illumination purposes and look beautiful at night spreading light everywhere.

Festival of Diwali and Halloween Festival

Another cultural festival of religious significance for Hindus is also organized in October. Diwali is a very significant day for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. It celebrates the home coming of Rama, who was the seventh avatar of Vishnu and the legendary king of Ayodhya, after his exile in the forest for 14 years. The festival of Diwali is commemorated among light, color, food and firecrackers.

At the same time, Halloween is celebrated to create an interesting and terrific atmosphere. The people gather at a place wearing scary costumes and dresses. There are several things associated with Halloween festival like candy apples, pumpkin and various rituals.

Another festival is arranged in October which includes pumpkins. This festival known as Keene Pumpkin Festival is a great fun experience for lots of people. Among firecrackers, lanterns and music, this festival takes excitement to great heights. On the whole, the month of October is a great time of the year for colorful cultural events.

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