The festivals are commemorated around the world for various reasons. Some have religious basis while other savor the particular culture of a certain community.

There are also many traditional festivals celebrated all over the world which hold great values for the traditional people. Also, there are some festivals that are restricted to a certain region.

On the other hand, some festivals are of universal significance too. Check out the date wise calendar of famous festivals of October given here.

Festivals celebrated in the month of October are:

Festivals from 1st to 15th October

  • On 1st of October, China, Cyprus, Guinea, Nigeria, Palau and Tuvalu have their National Days. Also, Queen’s Birthday is celebrated on 1st October in Western Australia. Jews also rejoice their religious festival- Sukkot on the same day.
  • On 3rd, the Day of Unity is commemorated in Germany. National Day is also rejoiced in Iraq, Korea and Lesotho.
  • On 12th, there is Queensland Multicultural Festival that is rejoiced in Brisbane.

Festivals from 16th to 31th October

  • On 20th, in Bahai, Birth of the Bab is celebrated with the suspension of work on the very day. Moreover, Inauguration of Guru Granth is also commemorated in the same day.
  • On 24th of October, Hindus celebrate Vijay Dashami festival to signify the strength of goodness over evilness.
  • On 26th, the Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, a religious festival of sacrifice of animals. The people distribute the meat of the sacrificed animals among poor and relatives in the name of Allah.
  • Halloween is rejoiced on the 30th of October. The festival is of great significance due to its uniqueness and interesting nature.

These are only a few festivals out of hundreds celebrated in the month of October. They are a source of great entertainment for millions of people around the world.

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