Festivals are a source of great entertainment and fun for people all around the world. They are celebrated throughout the year and in every part of the world.

Here are some festivals of May in the form of date wise calendar. You might want to see some of these for sure. The month of May is abundant of various colorful and exciting seasonal, religious and cultural festivals.

Here a date wise calendar of festivals of May have been given which are of particular significance around the world:

  • On 1st May, May Day festival is celebrated rejoicing the advent of spring around the world.
  • The 2nd May is auspicious to have two religious festivals; Rogation Sunday, a Christian festival and Lag B’Omer, a Jewish festival.
  • On 3rd May, a colorful event, Australian Celtic Festival, is organized among music and dance displays.
  • The 5th of May celebrates Buddha Birthday while Vesak Day is rejoiced on the 6th May. Both of them are celebrated to pay homage to Buddha.
  • The 9th and 13th of May have Europe Day and Ascension Day respectively.
  • On 14th May, Multicultural Festival is rejoiced in Melbourne.
  • On 17th of May onwards, Noosa Food and Wine Festival and Paniyiri Greek Festival are celebrated. Both are famous festivals showcasing the culture of their country and origin.
  • On 19th and 20th May, a Jewish festival, Shavuot and Birthday of John are celebrated respectively. Shavuot is rejoiced in memory of the descent of Ten Commandments.
  • The 23rd of May have Pentecost, a Christian festival in the memory of Jesus’ resurrection.
  • On 26th May, National Sorry Day is rejoiced in Australia.
  • The 29th of May has a Christian Festival Trinity Sunday.

Other than that, there are lot more May festivals which are celebrated across the world.

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