European Festivals from January till April

In January, few Europeans celebrate Battle of Oranges in Italy while the rest of them busy themselves in France’s World Cuisine Contest. Spanish have great time enjoying their Bread and Butter Barcelona event as well. In February, the Greeks pride themselves in Athens Wine Festival whereas Germans are busy in Fastnacht Carnival.

In March, the noteworthy events are Korea film festival, London Australian film festival and Madrid Night of Theatres. The month of April brings feasts and events like OneFest, Oxford Cambridge Boat Race and Photoforum. People all around the world look forward to enjoying these festivals.

Festivals from May till August

May starts with a mouth-watering Cheese Rolling event in England with Spanish Baby Jumping Festival, Birmingham Pride and few others. The famous June festivals in Europe are Calcio Storico, Glastonbury Festival and Battle of Wine. Love Parade in Germany, Running of Bulls in Spain and Tour de France are famous events of July.

However, in August the Europeans relish La Tomatina in Spain, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and Notting Hill Carnival in England on the streets of Hill area of Kensingyon. It is an annual event which was first organized in 1966. It usually lasts for two days. People from all around the world attend the event.

Festivals from September till December

Art Moscow (Russia), Athens Fashion Week (Greece), Beethovenfest Bunn (Germany) and Bestival (England) are famous September European events. However, the most famous event of October is the German festival Oktoberfest.

October also brings Halloween, celebrated on the last day of the month. Well, Art November, Berlin Jazz Festival are reputed events of November. The last month of the year brings festivals like Hogmanay, Burning the Clocks and Christmas, which are celebrated by billions of people around the world.

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