There is countless number of festivals that get a chance to be celebrated in February. Festivals are a source of entertainment for people all around the world. They are celebrated with great zeal and zest. There are different types of festivals including traditional and cultural.

We cannot sum up all these famous events here. However, we can highlight some of the important festivals commemorated in February. Here a date wise calendar of festivals is given that includes only the significant events.

Let us have a look at them. Here are some of the festivals celebrated in the month of February:

Festivals from 1-13 February

We have a big round of interesting festivals this month. Starting from Shopping Festival of Dubai, we have events like New Zealand’s Laneway Festival and Italy’s Valentines Festival. Besides, an Ice and Snow Festival is arranged in China to celebrate the coming of new season. Also, they have their New Year festival in February.

Other noteworthy events of February are Gaspiralla Pirate Festival and Groundhog Day Festival. However, the Italians like to have their Viareggio Carnaval in this month. The Australians, somehow, commemorate their festival called Good Vibrations.

Festivals from 14-29 February

The people in Thailand commemorate their Full Moon Party here in the month of February. It is a big festival with lots of fun and entertainment. Tropfest, an Australian event is organized in the latter half of February too.

Tango Festival, a festival from Argentina; Sydney Mardi Gras, an Australian festival and Ireland’s Father Ted Festival are also noteworthy festivals. The Canadian festival Quebec Carnaval is another good example of February festivals.

So, now you have taken a look at the important festivals’ list for the month of February. Visit any festival that you like to have fun.

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