The festivals are commemorated around the world for various reasons. Some have religious basis while other savor the particular culture of a certain community.

There are also many traditional festivals celebrated all over the world which hold great values for the traditional people.

Some of the festivals celebrated in the month of March are:

Festivals from 1-6 March

The important festivals of March include Quebec Carnaval of Canada. The South African’s Capetown Pride Festival also comes in the list. The Americans, at this time have fun with their Spring Break festival. The Italians, however, are pleased with their Venice Carnival.

The Spanish commemorate their Viana do Bolo festival with Brazil’s Carnival time event. The Ivrea Carnival is another famous festival of March which includes orange throwing ceremony. What is more; Cherry Blossom Festival, Future Music Festival and Soundwave Festival are good examples of seasonal events of March.

Festivals from 7-13 March

The Caribbeans have their Spring Break in March with Spain’s Festival De Jerez. Also, Argentina has its most famous Tango Festival with Australia’s Future Music Festival. The Brazilians have Carnival Time; Russians have Maslenitsa festival and Americans; Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Festivals from 14-20 March

The Bolivia’s Phujllay Festival, American’s Spring Break, Spain’s Las Fallas and St Patricks Day are commemorated in the mid of March. The famous beer festival; Starkbierzeit is also commemorated in this month with Indian’s religious occasion of Holi.

Festivals from 21-27 March

The Ultra Music Festival of American, Hamburger Dom Beer Fair; German festival and Triangle Beach Festival are famous events of March.

There are much more fun events and seasonal festivals that we get to see in March. You can read about them in details in other pages. So, prepare yourself for visiting the festivals that you feel are close to where you live.

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