Among the football superstars, style icon David Beckham enhanced his celebrity status by marrying gorgeous Victoria Adams, aka Posh Spice, which brought the couple in the limelight above all.

Victoria and David got engaged on January 25, 1998. Instead of cutting their engagement cake, the celebrity couple donated the amount to raise funds for a school community in Cheshire. Sheer celebrity shot!

Beckham and Victoria got married on July 4, 1999, in gothic Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. Their wedding reception was made into a big event and expensive. 437 staff people served the guests. It was one of a kind wedding as Beckham and Victoria asked the guests for shopping vouchers rather than presents. No wonder the couple has been accused of being overly obsessed with money.

Beckham and Victoria have 3 sons. It seems like God has been showering his blessings in all His capacities over this couple. One interesting fact about the couple is that they wear matching baseball caps, clothes, leathers and even their diamond rings are identical. Maybe it’s their lucky charm.

David Beckham and Victoria have shared some very memorable moments and are still retaining the same charm.

All the best to David Beckham and his wife for a wonderful life.

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