After the fascinating personality of Kaka, David Villa surely makes his impression all over the world for his handsome looks. Spanish football star David married Patricia, his childhood sweetheart, in 2003. Loyal David just likes Kaka! Wayne Rooney’s Wedding

Unlike the other wives of the football star, Patricia was not a glam girl, but a football player in her teenage years. No wonder they were made for each other. David and Patricia had their first child, a baby girl, on the 7th of December 2005. The couple named her Zaida. David was so in love with his first child that he got her name engraved in his Adidas F50’s. Wayne Rooney’s Wedding

The couple had their second daughter on the 18th of August 2009 and named her Olaya. Zaida and Olaya – perfectly beautiful names!

We wish you, David, and Patricia, along with blissful married life!

Boy, oh boy! It seems like the entire football gorgeous players thought of getting married. Wayne Rooney, the football star of the English team, got married to his secondary school sweetheart Coleen McLoughlin on June 12, 2008, in Italy. The couple dated for six years and finally ended up getting married.

Rooney had a rather dramatic wedding as the church in which the couple chose to get married was considered as deconsecrated for a wedding. Somehow the couple did not pay attention to it and got married happily and successfully. They had a wedding ceremony that cost £ 5 million. Due to her overwhelmed emotional state, Coleen broke into tears when Mayor Gianni Costa pronounced the couple as Man and Wife.

What a sweet moment it was!

Rooney’s wife Coleen gave birth to their son on November 2, 2009. Baby Rooney was named Kai Wayne. The couple is enjoying their married life with a kid as a blessing.

Wishing them all the best and a never-ending blissful married life!

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