The Dead Guy Days Festival celebrated in Colorado US is a bizarre festival. It is celebrated on the second weekend of March. The story behind this weird festival is that a Norwegian brought with him his grandfather’s dead body to the U S and kept it cryogenically frozen.

A documentary was made on Grandpa Bredo called “Grandpa’s in the Tuff Shed”. A new version of it aired on 7th of March in 2003. Dead Guy Days celebrations honor this unusual event. It was first celebrated in 2002. It is an annual festival.

The celebrations are from Friday to Sunday and are as strange as the festival itself. There is a coffin race, three legged race, snowshoe race and a Polar Plunge (you can take a dip in the icy cold waters of the lake).

There are parades such as the “Cryonics Parade” besides the “Look a live Grandpa” and the “Ice Queen” contest. The two contests take place during the Grandpa’s Blue Ball.

Saturday begins with a hearty breakfast of pancakes. You can also visit the place where the old man’s body is still preserved. There is a market showcasing local artists, a dance, poetry slam and pancake breakfast.

There are many enjoyable activities on this fun packed weekend. Activities taking place during the festival include: Snowy Human Foosball, frozen t-short competition and snow sculpture contests.

This festival has nonstop entertainment for people of all ages young and old. You can participate in the family events along with your kids or enjoy some adult themed programs.

Live musical concerts are too a part of the celebrations. The Dead Guy Days Festival brings life to the otherwise dull chilly winter of Colorado. The festival is getting increasingly famous. It has more visitors each year. In 2019, 25,000 people attended the festival.

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