Christmas is the main festival of the Christians but Easter is another one. It is considered to be one of the most pious festivals of the Christians. It is celebrated on Sunday just after the arrival of the full moon after the end of spring.

It is eve time for the Christians to party and celebrate this day with their relatives and enjoy a lavish dinner. People rejoice this day. People read the Bible and elders tell the legendary story of this festival to the kids.

Most of the people this day exchange gifts with their relatives. The people believe in colouring the eggs in different bright and vibrant colours and distributing it among the relatives. This custom is believed to bring luck and new life to the people.

The different churches provide various types of services to its people this day. The people go to the churches, sing prayers, hymns and songs and worship their lord. The people celebrate it in their own ways too. Some of them light up candles while some of them offer flowers to Jesus.

Some people do social services and help the needy people and children by offering them food, eggs and chocolates and make this festival special in their own way.

After the people are done with praying and preaching the God, they have the whole day to enjoy with their family. On Easter, people go out with their friends and relatives and enjoy the day by serving them. They cook delicious food like chicken, cake, chocolates, decorate their homes with ribbons, balloons, colourful eggs and buy presents for their loved ones.

In many parts of the world, people even celebrate this festival by playing different games on this carnival. Games like egg jarping and egg rolling are the most common forms of games played by the people. This festival is celebrated to mark the rebirth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross after severe torture done to him. His hands and legs were nailed to the cross. So, he died and did not survive. The people were really upset and mourned the death of such a good person. But, to the utter surprise of everyone, he came back to life for his followers.

This induced a joy among the people and marked the celebration of Easter. The death of Jesus Christ is marked by the celebration of Good Friday, another important festival of the Christians. His rebirth, after three days is marked on the very Sunday of the week by celebrating Easter that day.

A special mass is held on Friday at 3 pm sharp as Jesus Christ was crucified at this hour. A Special midnight Mass is also held on Saturday, the eve of Easter. In some churches, all candles are extinguished on Thursday and then on Easter eve, new candles are lit.

The main candle called the Paschal candle is white in color with a red cross on it and signifies the presence of the Christ amongst the people. This candle is lit for a whole month and also on special occasions. People light their candles with it as well. Easter Sunday symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus and begins with special prayers in the church.

Goodness always comes back to life however, powerful be the evil. The rebirth of Jesus was one such example. Spending quality time with friends and family happily is the main motto and spirit of this festival.

So, it should be understood that goodness can never be suppressed by the evil. Even, if it is, it will rise up. Hence, this festival should be celebrated by all the people in the world as it promotes the feeling of goodness among them.

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