Ethnic festivals are truly unique celebrations of its genre. Such festivals bring great joys for those who love to celebrate their moments in small happiness. Milwaukee and Chicago are some of the cities of the modern world that are famous for festivals.

Besides a variety of cultural festivals, city of festivals Milwaukee, celebrates many ethnic festivals every year. However, approximately all of these festivals held depending on the availability of thousands of volunteers and staff. With this piece of writing, we will discuss some of the well-known ethnic festivals of the world.

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival:

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival is one of the famous Ethnic Festivals of the world celebrated in the month of June in San Francisco. This festival is paired with inspiring events and performances of great ethnic dances. This Ethnic Dance Festival was originated to present the different ethnic dance companies inside the Bay Area.

Later the Festival expanded and included performers from throughout Northern California too. Over 600 dance companies from over a hundred different genres have presented their performances in this unique ethnic festival of the world.

African World Festival:

The African World Festival is a great combination of cultural and ethnic celebration. The gala provides you with the great opportunity to explore the culture of an African village, test a vast selection of ethnic foods, look through goods inside the market, get relaxed and take pleasure in the melodies of R&B, blues, hip-hop and jazz. Lots of people attend the festival every year to rejoice the moments, this one of the ethnic festival of its kind grant them.

Water Splashing Festival of Dai people

This one of the Ethnic festivals of the world is held on April 13 in Xishuangbanna, southwest Yunnan province. This 700 years old festival is an influential gala of Dai people and last from three to seven days.

Water splashing, dragon boat racing, peacock dance and Elephant Foot Dance are the main attractions of this ethnic festival. The festival also provides young people opportunity to find their soul mates.

Chinatown Summer Fair, Chinatown

The Chinatown Summer Fair takes place in Chinatown, Chicago. This is a perfect ethnic festival for experiencing this lively and busy region and get pleasure from the best of Chinese culture in Chicago.

Such festival featuring a Dragon and Lion Dance procession, along with a great combination of ethnic food, music, and shopping provides truly pleasant movements.

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