The UEFA football championship of 2004 was hosted in Portugal at 10 different venues from 12 June to 4 July. A total of 77 goals were scored by 16 teams in 31 matches as a whole. The top-scorer was Milan Baroš of the Czech Republic with 5 goals in the contest, while Theodoros Zagorakis of Greece kept his head high being the UEFA Player of the Tournament. EURO Football Championship

After the first round of EURO Football Championship and the knockout stage, the semifinals took place which shortlisted two teams to qualify for the finals. The finals were held between Portugal and Greece, where Greece was able to gain the title of champions over the hosting nation for the first time, by winning the finals by 1-0.

The UEFA Euro 2008 was held from7 June to 29 June at 8 locations, all of them being in host cities. Austria and Switzerland co-hosted the tournament for the first time, where over 1 million people attended the 31 matches. A total of 77 goals were scored by 16 teams; David Villa of Spain being the top-scorer with 4 goals and getting the Golden Boot award for his performance.

The UEFA Player of the Tournament was Xavi of Spain, who performed as a midfielder. Although Greece was the previous UEFA champions, they badly failed in this contest, claiming the least amount of prize money and attaining no points in the 3 group fixtures. Considering the finals, Spain kept its head high in the tournament as champions, and as the recipient of both individual UEFA awards. While Germany were runners-up of the competition.

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