What is a festival and why humans have created these events? Well, festivals serve various purposes in different cultures depending on their nature. However, the universality of festivals lies in their importance in bringing people together at one place.

The people are able to take their families out and have good time in these cultural events. Most of these festivals are religious, cultural, musical or interesting food events. Some festivals are time-specified too enabling people belonging to a specific region to commemorate them.

Fall festivals are these festivals which are celebrated in fall season. The people of various countries cherish fall events in their respective months of the winter season. One of the most famous fall festivals of the world is Octoberfest in Germany.

The festival is rated among the top festivals of the world in food events’ category. What is so special about this renowned food festival? Well, it is beer festival where finest beer is served to the festival attendees. Another famous fall festival is the Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival.

It is of peculiar importance due to the fact that the people commemorate the memory of one’s deceased dear ones. They remember their loved ones by celebrating a day and light candles in their names.

During fall season, another important event is celebrated recognized as White Night. It is cherished in Paris among lights, music, art and various cultural attractions. However, in England a famous fall festival; Guy Fawkes is commemorated among fire and fireworks. The people burn puppets disguised as Guy Fawkes and wear colorful costumes.

Lastly, Indians take pride in their celebrations on the day of Diwali- a famous religious festival. The people congratulate each other by preparing delicious meals and lighting their homes beautifully. These all events come in the fall season and are celebrated with great enthusiasm in their respective parts of the world.

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