Marcos Evangelista de Moraes or popularly called Cafu was born on the 7th of June, 1970 in Brazil. The former Brazilian Player has been referred to be the highest internationally capped Brazilian player.

Cafu has also managed to make history by playing for Milan, Roma, and Sao Paulo. Brazilian player Ronaldo and Cafu are those two football players who have participated in three final matches of FIFA World Cup from which they won titles in the year 1994 as well as 2002.

He was also referred to by Pele among the FIFA 125 Greatest Players in the year 2004 who are still alive. His best quality is the diligent overlapping runs.

The player has made appearances in 142 matches which are inclusive of 21 appearances in the final match of World Cup tournaments. He has also won the 1994 and 2002 World Cup. He also has the record of gaining victory in the most number of matches during World Cups figuring to be around 16.

Cafu also appeared in the final match played against Italy which was followed by the injury of Jorginho after 22 minutes of the game. He was also made part of the Brazilian team when it won the Copa America in the year 1997and 1999.

In March 2009, Cafu was admitted among the 125 Greatest Living Players by Pele. Both the Brazilian team and Cafu became short of expectations that were placed in the team after they lost the match against France however, he was among few Brazilian players who cleared the situation to the press. He retired from international football in the year 2008.

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