Islam is the religion of peace which incorporates many beliefs and values in it. There are some festivals that are commemorated by Muslims annually. However, some of these festivals are also celebrated on bi-yearly basis. It is therefore important for you to decide which festival is more significant than the other.

Nevertheless, each and every Islamic festival has its own importance and a background history. So, you can assume that all of these festivals are equally of great importance to all Muslims.

The major festivals of great importance for the Muslims are the two Eid occasions. The first Eid is called Eid-ul-Fitr which is commemorated after the month of Ramzan is over. However, the second festival of Eid is termed Eid-ul-Azha which is celebrated after the completion of Haj.

So, both of these festivals are usually celebrated to share joys over one another’s accomplishments of the festivals. The festivals of Eids are welcomed with great zeal and zest by the Muslims who get ready and dress up cheerfully for these occasions.

There are several other festivals too which include celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and mourning over the martyrs of Karbala. So, not only the Muslims express their joys on certain religious occasions, but they also shed their tears on sorrowful occasions.

These festivals incorporating the mixed emotions perform very importance functions. They help them live with unity and in harmony with each other. It entails cooperation among Muslims and enables them to participate in each other’s sorrow and joyful occasions.

It forms a community which is full of compassion and the people feel the pain of each other. Hence, it is very important for the Muslims to celebrate their festivals which represent their unity and harmony. Most of these festivals are shared by Muslims living in various parts of the world.

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