Father’s Day is celebrated by the children in more than 111 countries of the world to show love and respect for their fathers. It is celebrated on different days; the third Sunday of June is the most common day.

Father’s Day was initiated by a lady Sonora Dodd whose father, a civil war veteran, brought up his children after the death of his wife. In European countries, since Middle Ages the father’s day has been celebrated on 19th of March which is the same day as Saint Joseph’s Day.

Father’s Day is a way of showing appreciation for the troubles and toils a father goes through to provide his children the best in life. It is celebrated to honour the influence of fathers in the society. Many countries around the world have their own traditions of honouring fatherhood.

Fathers are providers; the bread winners of the family. Their word is considered the final authority in all matters. They are a pillar of support for their children and “I will tell my dad” scares away the biggest bullies.

A child is seen to be more attached to his mother than father as a father’s job keeps him away from home for a long time. Plus fathers are at times strict but that does not mean that they are cold hearted. Even a father’s heart cries out when his child is hurt.

A smile from his little one cheers up the dad. Although fathers do not show their emotions easily, they too are hungry for the words “I Love you Dad”. Father’s sacrifice everything for their family; they spend their time and energy to provide for the family. They never ask for anything in return. So go ahead and tell him how much you love him on this father’s day.

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