Depending on the country, festivals that are celebrated in the month of August can be placed in a number of categories. In Spain, the Aste Nagusia Bilbao is a traditional Latin dance party celebrated for 10 days. This festival is filled with people of all ages that enjoy the mixture of traditional Basque music, sports, and dance.

In Laos, a more cultural and religious type of festival is celebrated, known as Boun Khao Padabdin. During this festival, Laotians give honor and offerings to their ancestors at the temple. The Art of Burning Man in USA is a bizarre type of festival that lasts for 7 days every year.

Its celebration is centered at the Black Rock City in Nevada that has a world-class view of extraordinary wilderness. In Australia, the Charleville Camel, Donkey, & Yabbie Race Festival is celebrated with wacky parties.

Scotland takes pride during its Edinburgh Festival Fringe where immense gatherings of actors, dancers, musicians, and artists from 40 different countries take place for performances. The Eisa Festival in Japan is celebrated in the late part of August.

It marks the end of the summer season. It celebrates the time of saying goodbye to the spirits of ancestors that came back for Obon. The Khan Tengri Mountain Festival in Kazakhstan has an extreme festival celebration for sports. In this festival, extreme sport competitions are held for visitors to enjoy.

Edinburgh Festival in Scotland; the Tomatina Festival in Spain; and the Burning Man Festival in America are also celebrated in August. The Edinburgh Festival is a three-week celebration of dance, music, and arts. It is the biggest festival of arts in the world.

The finest in dance, theater, music, and opera can be found there. The Tomatina Festival is held in the small village of Bunol in Valencia, Spain. It is an 11-day celebration filled with various festivities honoring the village’s patron saints, Mare de Deudel Desemparats and Luis Bertran.

The peak of the festival is the tomato fight which has been a tradition since 1944. It is recommended to wear goggles or snorkeling masks for best visibility while participating in this peak event. The Burning Man Festival is held a week before Labor Day in August.

It usually takes place in Blackrock City in Nevada, though the locations change annually. It is a desert festival of organized chaos with respect for health and safety within the community. During this festival, activities and scenes of gay homosexual affection are public.

Participants in the festival often express themselves by walking naked in the dessert. Every year, participants are provided with themes to serve as the focus of the festival.

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