In sports, a coach withholds intermediate importance. He is a person directly involved with the progress of the team and the sportsmen. The coach drives them, observes them, pinpoints their weaknesses, and works with every player to eliminate them, the best way possible, ardently, and proficiently.

The success of a coach depends on his justice enforcing tactics and the way he preaches fair play to his subjects. He may also be directly involved with the important decisions that impact the team, as the player lineup and contract negotiations. However, his most important duty is to bring out the full potential of the individuals so that the team gives the best performance that is possible to be attained.

In the FIFA World Cup tournaments, the coaches of the respective teams have played an important part in the successes and the failures. A good backup through great coaching has always proved important in the difference between a win and a fail.

Vittorio Pozzo, the Italian coach who led the Italian Football Team to FIFA World Cup victory twice, has won the most championships at two, making the Italian Football Team successful in the past as well as it is today.

Helmut Schön (honored for coaching the most World Cup matches) and Franz Beckenbauer, the West Germany mentors along with Carlos Bilardo the Argentine coach and the current Argentina national manager, Mário Zagallo, the Brazilian coach, and the Italian coach, Vittorio Pozzo, share the honor for having most finishes among the top two at three.

All these men have managed their teams well, highlighted their competencies, and strengthened their weaknesses so that the individuals came together to give a great battleship.

Helmut Schön, a successful footballer as well as team manager, also has had the most finishes in the top three, as well as the top eight in the FIFA World Cup tournaments. Mário Zagallo, the Brazilian coach, shares however his rank of having most finishes in the top four at three.

Zagallo was the first footballer to win the World Cup holding his position as the team coach as well as a team player, also being the second-youngest coach to win a World title after the Uruguay coach, Alberto Suppici.

So the role of a coach or a mentor is fundamental to the long-term progress of a team, their success rate, their fitness, tactics, and strategies. To achieve as a team, they should have a strong backup and a teacher that is going to direct or drive them in the right direction.

In the absence of good guidance, the players fail as a team and deflate the spirits and cheer of the nation too. People like Schön, Pozzo, and Beckenbauer have proved their aggressiveness for football to the world, through their coaching skills.

Within their shadow, the football teams progressed like never before, leaving the imprints of their footsteps to the World, to follow and to celebrate. 

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