The bronze medal match was held on September 9 in Rome between Hungary and Italy in which Hungary claimed its bronze medal. Whereas the gold medal match between Yugoslavia and Denmark was ended up for 3-1 making Yugoslavia the gold medalist and Denmark the silver medal recipient.

The football events at the 1964 Olympics were held in Japan from 11 October to 23 October. 16 teams participated in the contest but Italy and Korea D.P.R withdrew.

A unique unofficial consolation round was also held for 5th place and was won by Romania. In the intervening time, Hungary claimed its possession of the gold medal while Czechoslovakia and Germany were awarded the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

The football contest at the 1968 Summer Olympics was hosted by Mexico and persisted from 13 October to 26 October. 16 teams participated in the tournament and were divided among four groups out of which 8 teams qualified for the quarter-finals.

The bronze medal match was held between Japan and Mexico in which Japan proved better to become the bronze medalist. The gold medal match (final) was held between Hungary and Bulgaria where Hungary became the gold medal recipient by scoring a total of 4 goals against Hungary.

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